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Talk to us about aeration

Because lawns become tightly compacted and covered with dense thatch over time, aerating is often a necessary step in maintaining a beautiful lawn. It works to remove the dead stems and roots, allowing food and water to better penetrate the surface again. With this method, we punch holes into the turf to allow moisture, oxygen, and nutrients to get in.


This helps to improve water filtration, thatch breakdown, and improves responses to fertilizer. It also improves your soil's composition and encourages rooting. As a result, your lawn is less at risk for pests and damage from drought, weeds, or diseases. We encourage aeration once per season for most lawns.

Consider dethatching

Many lawns benefit from dethatching, which involves removing thatch buildup from the soil. By removing this material, moisture, sunlight, and fertilizers to get into the soil. Thatch, which is made up of dead material and debris creates a barrier that makes it hard for nutrients to reach the soil.


Use your fingers to move the grass aside. Notice just how much dead material is built up at the base of your lawn. If it is more than an inch, it is preventing your lawn from looking beautiful. Let our team help to remove it effectively.

Since 1989, Green Leaf® Landscaping & Irrigation has provided superior workmanship and beautiful lawns to the area. Contact us today for a competitive rate on aeration and dethatching services.

Boost your lawn's beauty with aeration


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