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Green Leaf Impressive landscape

Invest in expert mulching

Mulching adds a beautiful look and a pop of color to your landscape. It also creates a vibrant and fresh look. It works to improve the soil and benefits any plants you place it around. Our mulch products come from high-quality raw materials that're safe to use in most cases. The benefits of mulching your landscape include:


• Protection of the soil from erosion

• Keeps water from splashing on plants

• Retains moisture and insulates plant roots

• Minimizes the impact of extreme heat and cold

• Feeds beneficial soil organisms

• Protects trees from lawn maintenance equipment

• Adds organic material to the soil, which builds humus

• Safeguards feeder roots

Discuss your mulching and flower bed needs with our fully-trained professionals. You'll get outstanding service at competitive rates.

Beautify your flower beds

Add flower beds to improve curb appeal of your property. Let us install and maintain your flower beds for you, creating a vibrant, beautiful-smelling, blossoming garden. We rake and clean them, as well as protect them by spraying for weeds.


We recommend the use of pre-emergence to beds in spring. This helps prevent seeds from germinated. We also recommend keeping 2 inches of mulch on flower beds all summer to retain moisture.

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Create an impressive landscape

Mulching Mulching Landscaping

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