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Impress every customer, every time.


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Top-notch service available

Our basic maintenance plan includes:

• Line trimming, edging, and blowing

• Trimming around buildings, fence lines, flower beds, trees,  

  sidewalks, and curbs

• Debris removed with blowers from all hard surfaces

Get added services, including:

• Sodding

• Fertilization

• Pest and weed control

• Hedge trimming

• Mulching

• Proper tree maintenance

• Installation

• Aeration

• Care of flowering annuals


Get bush and shrub trimming to beautify your yard. We'll shape them and remove clippings to create a pristine look.

Since 1989, our dedicated team has provided professional-quality service for all types of businesses. Ensure your landscaping is properly maintained to create the ideal first impression to your customers.

Expect outstanding service. It starts with a FREE estimate on any lawn maintenance service.


What else can I get from you?

If you are paying too much for poor quality work, or you're not getting all the services you need, call Green Leaf® Landscaping & Irrigation. Ask us about aeration and full details on our maintenance services. Expect superior workmanship at competitive rates.

Ensure your lawn is impressive

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